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We support any report - any manufacturer, any DMS.


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Product Features

Reports that used to take hours
can now be posted in minutes

Accumatic is a powerful and efficient technology platform that revolutionizes the way businesses operate - what sets us apart is our dynamic and adaptive nature. Our platform uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to learn from each task it completes, constantly improving its performance over time. This means that the more Accumatic is used, the smarter and more efficient it becomes.

Original Equipment
Manufacturer Payables

Efficiently manage manufacturer invoices, streamline processes, and optimize payments with Accumatic's comprehensive OEM Payables solutions.

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    Accumatic converts Factory Parts Statements into post-ready documents instantly - Including any VIN to Stock or Customer number lookups.

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    Let Accumatic handle your accounting postings directly from factory reports, eliminating errors and the need for post-entry clean up.

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    Accumatic codes OEM & 3rd party F&I remittances, funding notices, dealer reserve statements flawlessly - regardless of complexity.

Payroll and Benefits

Streamline HR processes, automate payroll calculations, ensure accurate compensation, and manage employee benefits efficiently with Accumatic's state of the art software.

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    Optimize payroll, decrease errors & effort. Accumatic will assist to streamline ongoing cycles, helping to work efficiently and pay accurately.

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    Upload Medical, Dental, Vision, 401(k) reports for perfectly coded results. Accumatic also handles Employee Numbers and GL Accounts lookup.

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    Accumatic eliminates post-calculation errors caused by manual commission calculations, Pay Plan interpretation, and data entry.

and Analytics

Accumatic helps with streamlining financial processes, optimizing data insights, and ensuring accuracy, all while empowering businesses for informed decision-making.

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    Accumatic’s technology allows you to reconcile your entire OEM Parts Statement within seconds. Know exactly where you are off, get it fixed, and move on.

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    Let Accumatic create any one of our dynamic reconciliations for you – in minutes have your bank account balanced and correcting entries handled.

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    Have a report that your DMS says they can’t provide for you? With Accumatic, there is always a way to get your data to do what you want it to do.

Original Equipment
OCR and Data Transformation

Let Accumatic automate your data extraction and conversion for seamless integration while helping to boost efficiency and accuracy for your team.

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    Our advanced OCR technology seamlessly processes various file formats, including scanned images, PDF documents, and a wide array of other file types.

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    Rest assured that the data you possess belongs to you, we ensure that you can efficiently and swiftly transport it to its intended destination.

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    Transform text into data with ease by harnessing the capabilities of Accumatic - enabling seamless conversion of textual information into valuable insights.

Trusted by industry experts

With a strong track record of success and endorsements from industry leaders, Accumatic has earned the trust of industry experts, making us the go-to resource for businesses looking to achieve accounting excellence.

"Everyone is raving about the ease of using Accumatic. We really appreciate your help and support with getting this up and running"

- Suzanne G. , Controller


"Doing business with Accumatic is very effortless. They make your process much easier as well as efficient. This is a program all dealers would benefit from"

- Jenn W. ,
Office Manager


"What was really awesome, was when I ran it through Accumatic to reconcile - it balanced right off. It took less than 2 minutes, instead of 3 hours"

- Mary T. ,
Accounts Payable


“It’s seriously a game-changer - I did the flooring rec in 5 minutes once all was said and done. It was maybe 30 minutes before using my template but this is way easier.”

- Hanna G. , Controller


“This program is awesome, I love it 😊”

- Salma D. , Accounting Manager

“I just did my first import and I could cry. It worked FLAWLESSLY. Thank you SOOO much!!!!!”

- Ashley M. , Controller

Let Accumatic help you automate your accounting challenges.